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Technical data:

MAN fuel-cell bus

Vehicle MAN Fuel-cell bus
Model Low-floor bus NL
Length 12 m
Height 3.4 m
Gross weight (permissible) 18 t

Vehicle drive

Siemens ELFA drive system Three-phase asynchronous induction driving motors
Model 1 PV5135
Max. drive rating of driving motors 2 x 75 kW via summation gearbox and cardan shaft to rear axle
Driving motor converter IGBT pulse converter, model ELFA-DUO

Fuel-cell system

Model Ballard Xcellsis™ HY-80 fuel-cell system
Nominal rating 68 kW
Number of fuel cells 440
Voltage range 250 - 450 VDC
Weight of system 220 kg

Electrical energy storage

Model NiMH high-performance storage
Voltage range 400 - 700 VDC
Energy content 13.2 kWh

Gas storage system

Max. filling pressure 350 bar
Number of cylinders 8 Dynetek aluminium compound cylinders with CF winding
Total filling volume 1640 l
Operating range over 300 km

Low-floor articulated buses with hydrogen combustion engine

  • Low-floor articulated buses (two MAN, one Neoplan)
  • Hydrogen drive H2866UH01/140 kW with automatic gearbox ZF 5HP502C;
  • 15 light-weight tanks for storing 2580l hydrogen (250 bar);
  • Total length of vehicle 18 m; vehicle height 3.3 m
  • Gross weight (permissible) 28 t;

Technical data on hydrogen combustion engine

  • Model H2866UH01;
  • Max. rating 140kW, max. torque 700Nm at 1000 1/min;
  • 4-stroke Otto principle, naturally aspirated;
  • External mixture formation;
  • Sequential gas injection by means of electromagnetically actuated stroke valves, one valve per cylinder;
  • Slightly under stoichiometric operation (? < 1 regulation);
  • Exhaust-gas aftertreatment by means of reduction catalytic converter;

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